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August 2012

I used your products for years while my husband and I restored old houses. When we stopped, I stopped ordering. Recently I found an unused bottle in the back of my pantry. I was cleaning one of our rentals for a new tenant and there was mineral build-up where the lav faucet and handles meet the sink. I daubbed some on and went to do other tasks.

I came back about 30 minutes later. I picked at the ring of calcified "stuff" with my index finger and it just fell off. Fell off...with no effort on my part. How could I have forgotten how great your products are? I feel foolish for forgetting and spending unnecessary time cleaning.

I immediately called and ordered a supply. I will never run out again!

 — Shelley Perkins, Deming, NM


"In last year's day after day heat of 110-115 degree days, we used water "misters" to cool the air around the Air Conditioning unit to keep the unit from burning up. Units are sized to run at maximum outdoors 102 degrees for continuous service in our area. So we fooled the unit into thinking it was lower by dropping the air inlet temps a good 20 degrees with the misters. No A/C failure occurred although many around us experienced failures. However, a small buildup of calcium and scale occurred on the cooling fins which interferes with unit efficiency which would reduce cooling capability and could eventually lead to a complete unit failure. These cooling fins cannot be reached without removing the entire A/C unit housing.

I received the product, 1 gallon of Scalesolve. I applied a test area to the cooling fins on my A/C unit where the water scale had clearly formed. I let it set for about 15-20 minutes, reapplying twice to ensure it did not dry out. Then I hit it with a strong stream wash from my faucet (about 70 PSIG). Everything was removed and so clean, I had to call over my neighbor who is an A/C person to check my eyesight. He agreed that there was absolutely no calcium buildup left. In fact, he said that coil fins looked exceptionally clean where I had applied the product. It dissolved or broke loose everything that a person would not want interfering with the heat transfer aspect. And was easily washed off. So you were right, I did not have to disassemble my unit to clean those fins and it did wash right out. It is restored to a 'like new' condition.

Great product.


 — Mike Bruns in Oklahoma"

May 5, 2011

I just wanted to let you know of my experience using Descale-It. Actually I have been using it for several years - I used it in the toilet after my daughter, Nancy, turned me on to this product. We had some scale that I couldn’t even remove by scraping it with a razor blade or using steel wool. I mentioned the problem to Nancy who said "Try this Descale-It. I have always had success with it.” It worked like a charm. I removed the water in the bowl and applied a liberal amount on the stained area. Some time later as I walked past to take a look all the scale had been completely removed as if it was magic.

Last week I was trying to remove a so-called calcium build up at the junction of the bathroom sink and the chrome faucet. It was not very evident but if you looked closely you could see it. I tried scraping it off which didn't work at all. I tried 100% bleach which did nothing. As I was looking in my wife's closet to see what other cleaner might work I saw the bottle of Descale-It. After reading all the directions, I wasn't sure that this liquid wouldn't harm the chrome. I called the phone number on the container and asked the lady there if it was safe for metals. Her response was very positive and added that it might make the chrome a bit brighter. I squirted some Descale-It on the problem area and went off to do other things.

An hour or so later I came back to the bathroom and looked at the sink. The Descale-It had completely dissolved the calcium. I used a damp paper towel to clean the area which then looked like new. The Descale-It had worked its magic.

Thanks millions for developing such a wonderful product. Should you wish, please tell anyone you choose about the success I had with Descale-It.

 — John Paul Badkin

May 2009

"Yeepee !! I have finally found a product that is easy and safe to use on my heavy build up of calcium deposits on my pool tiles. After years of trying different chemicals that required rubber gloves and still required heavy scrubbing [even with pumice stone] I found Descale-It Pool and Spa Cleaner. This stuff works GREAT—just spray it on and wait a few minutes. Then I used a safety razor and zipped the deposits right off.

It is inexpensive and a 32 oz bottle will do my 76 linear foot pool. Thank you Descale it."
  — T. Manting, Green Valley, AZ

March 2009

"We are extremely pleased with the performance of the Scale Solve product.

We operate a wholesale bakery in Las Vegas and serve most of the major hotels and casinos with our bagels, Danish, muffins, bread, and donuts.

A very important part of our baking process involves "proofing" the dough before it is baked. Proofing is a high humidity, high temperature process which causes the yeast to activate and the dough to rise.

Our "Proof Box" contains a stainless steel tank of water with 3 heating elements and produces the high humidity required. The heating elements cause the water to boil which produces steam and thus the required high humidity.

Of course, the boiling of water leaves a large amount of mineral deposits in the steel tank, which needs to be cleaned frequently - a messy, dirty, very difficult and time consuming process, which is therefore also expensive.

Before we started using Scale Solve, we used CLR, Lime Away and probably 5 other similar products with mediocre results.

We started using Scale Solve approximately 4 months ago and have noticed the following wonderful results;

  • the tank is much easier, quicker and less expensive to clean after it has been treated with Scale Solve

  • we do not need to clean the tank as often as we used to- we now clean it once every 6-7 weeks instead of every 4 weeks

  • our Proof Box works better, more efficiently and thus uses less power - which saves us $$$

In summary, we are delighted with the product, the price and the excellent customer support offered by the company, which has enabled us to use the product very effectively and very efficiently.

We would be glad to talk to anyone who might call us to ask about our experience."

Best regards,
Bill Feldman - Owner
6000 So. Eastern Ave. Bldg: 14 - F
Las Vegas, NV 89119

September 2008

"...l just found the greatest product IN THE WORLD. I am originally from the western side of Wisconsin and really didn't know what hard water was until I moved to NE Wisconsin but particularly Door county. I have tried EVERYTHING and I am not just kidding. So I ordered a product from GAIAM called LIME EATER, and let me tell you is this stuff AMAZING. I literally sprayed the shower and left it for 20 minutes came back and started wiping and saw that it was wiping all of the lime scale off. So I decided to put it to the real test, I set my shower head to massage and let her rip; everything went down the drain literally. No scrubbing necessary, no real effort on my part."

"Now as you can imagine with the line of work we are in my husband gets realty dirty and keeping our tub clean is almost a full time job in and of itself. I can spend an hour just scrubbing our tub and now with this product in that same time I have cleaned the whole bathroom, all without adversely impacting the environment. AMAZING!!"
  — Angie H.

April 2008

"I had a terrible brown/yucky stuff under the rim of both our toilets. Through surfing the net, I found your site. Read all the testimonials and I'm impressed with what everyone has to say. I can't believe what an amazing job your product has done to our toilet bowls. I intend to replace but the tight budget is keeping me from doing so. You have no idea how grateful f am as you've helped me save so much money. I let the toilet bowl cleaner stand for a while under the rim & did the scrubbing with ease."

"Again, thank you. Rest assured that I will promote your products to friends & families."
  — Alice S.

August 2008

"l used your product 22 years ago. It was the best stuff on the market. l could not find it for years. l am so glad l found it again."
  — Nancy D.

July 2008

"All ends well with de-scaling our fixtures...just in time for house guests! Love your products. Love your your service...and I will be re-ordering when this supply is gone. Thank you, for everything."
  — Donna K.

Ace Hardware Customers

August 2008

"Your product, DESCALE- IT worked for us. We have our own well, our water is hard. We have never been able to find any product to really remove all mineral deposits. With a little scrubbing with a plastic scrubber all was removed. We purchased it at ACE hardware at Orange Grove and Oracle. Thank you for a good product that worked.
  — Adrian B.

January 2005

"I normally do not write letters such as this; yet I wanted you to know how well your soap scum remover worked.

I bought an older home and the bathroom the and shower fixtures were caked with soap scum. It was so heavily encrusted that after trying all sorts of products for removal, which none worked, I had finally given up and decided the only way to deal with it was remodel.

I was in Ace Hardware and saw your product, picked it up and read the label, and saw your guarantee. I figured what did I have to lose other than the cost of the product. I'd already spent a ton of money on products which didn't work.

After the very first application, I was amazed at how well it removed the scum. It was almost entirely gone. I reapplied it a second time a few days later and now ALL the scum is gone. The fixtures are actually shiny chrome and look new. Wow, every time I see the tub area I'm amazed.

I only wish I had before and after pictures as I don't think anyone would believe how bad it was.

Thank you for making a product that actually works".
  — Margaret S., Scottsdale, AZ

March 2005

"Just to let you know, your Bathroom Descale-It is the BEST stuff I have ever used. I am always for an easy way to clean my shower and tub because I have a bad back, I went to ~Ace Hardware and found this stuff. I sprayed it everywhere in my shower and took the green part of the sponge and wiped away the soap scum. I had to rinse the sponge a couple of times because the scum was coming off with one swipe. I did not have to sit in there and scrub, and it also made my glass doors look newl!

Thank you,
Kiersten, Tucson, AZ

"About a year ago, or so I told you that I'd found a "new use" for the product you sell, "Cooler Descale-it". I am a delivery driver that over the years, picked up & delivered to your location, for trucking companies I was employed with. Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you about this.

I have been using your products for several years, and compared them to other similar products by other manufacturers. You have them all beat "hands down". The only one that I found comes close to the performance of your product is from Dial Mfg. of Phoenix. Unfortunately (for them) it takes about a gallon of their de-scaler to do what one quart of yours will do.

I am using "Cooler Descale-it" to restore brass plumbing fixtures to as new condition. I have been working on an old (1938 ) house. It seems that my old plumbing fixtures seem to be of much better quality than I can purchase new. The dilemma was how to remove years of mineral build up that had accumulated on them due to Tucson's extremely hard water. I had tried other products that claimed to do the job & couldn't (CLR & Lime Away).

Before and After Using Descale-It Descaler Cleaning Products

I removed some brass utility sink fixtures from where a sink had been in a laundry room that had not been used in years. I had a small amount of "Cooler Descale-it" (about 1 cup) left over. I put two rather crusty fixtures In a 50% solution of your product mixed with tap water, (to cover them in the container I was using), and left them soaking over night.

To my surprise the next day these fixtures were very clean and I was able to take them apart with ease. There was a small amount of a dusty white residue left on the inside. I then used my bench grinder with a wire wheel on these fixtures and parts and they appeared "like new" in only a few minutes. You can see the inside of one valve "seat" is nearly perfect. These parts were stored in a box for two years after cleaning them.

Last weekend I removed an outdoor plumbing fixture, it had not been used for over 15 years. It had so much corrosion, that it broke in several places while removing it. I wanted to see if I could "save" the brass hose spigot, so I put it in a plastic bowl with 100% "Cooler Descale-it". After about an hour in your product, I took it out and used the wire wheel on it. In a few short minutes it looked beautiful ! I took it apart and wire brushed the rest of it with great results ! These two fixtures were mounted pretty much as they appear in the photo. They were equally as dirty and corroded and had stucco & house paint on them as well. The "cleaned one" is easy to spot!

I felt that it was time to let you know how I have been using "Descale-it" quite successfully on my "projects" around the house. I am happy with the results. I may take the dirty & broken off spigot and clean it halfway to better illustrate the effect. Looking at this picture it is rather hard to believe these spigots were mounted next to each other for 15 years +! I wish your company success in the future. I have never had the opportunity to send any others a letter like this. I would also suggest that you send the guy's on the TV Show "This Old House" a bottle & forward my letter as well."

Thank You,
David D.

From Southern California

"I have never found a product worthy of a written testimonial until I stumbled onto your Bathroom Descale-It. It actually makes cleaning FUN because the results are so readily visible and rewarding."
  — Barbara H., Arroyo Grande, CA

"Lime-Eater exceeds the claims made on the label. - - .1 had a tub enclosure that had ten years of guck and black hard deposits and lime from Hades The doors and metal are gleaming now. Thank you for the effort to make an ecologically safe product."
  — Autumn K., Southern CA

"Love your product! I was first introduced to Descale-It by a fe1low boater. I have used it since then to remove water spots from by boat, and I've got all my friends using it on their boats."
  — Scott Q., Beaumont, CA

"Recently I purchased Bathroom Descale-It and found the results excellent and far better than any other product I've used The bathroom floor grout is also white (I should say I thought it was white) until I tried your product. It's now white and looks great!
  — Cathy G., Pacific Palisades, CA

"I clean apartments for people, and I use your Bathroom Descale-It. I use it on very hard water and soap scum, not to mention mildew-. and it gets it all "sparkling" clean I just spray it on with no waiting at all and it gets it all clean!"
  — Sandra M, San Marcos, CA

"I love this stuff!! I have a large, glassed shower, and it's so easy to keep it looking like new with Descale-It."
  — Karen C., Apple Valley, CA

"I think Bathroom Descale-It is excellent and would hate to go back to Lime-Away and all those other caustic cleaners."
  — Gloria W., Escondido, CA

"Your Descale-It and Lime-Eater products are unequivocally the best cleaning products I have ever had the pleasure of using."
  — Rebecca H., El Cajon, CA

"I had a bathtub that I was considering either resurfacing or replacing. When I used Lime-Eater ALL of the accumulated hard water deposits and soap scum came off and my tub was once again clean and white?"
  — Marian W., La Crescenta, CA

"I've tried Bathroom Descale-It I like it very much it is a terrific product. strong smell...easy on skin.. .earth friendly.., and works better than anything I've ever used."
  — Luella S., Van Nuys, CA

"Bathroom Descale-It is the best product I have ever purchased. Rarely do you find a cleaner that says exactly what it can do, but you folks have a miracle product. I was shocked to find out how well it worked. Don't change this product. You can't Improve on a product that is Perfect."
  — Lorena D., Oceanside, CA

"I've never used a product as outstanding as Descale-It. Frankly, I don't understand how anything else can sell!!"
  — Marilyn R., Villa Park, CA

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